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Underground Utility Installation  

Cross Country Underground Inc. offers a wide variety of utility installations. Including but not limited to:

  • Telephone & Fiber Optic Installations
  • Electric Installations
  • CATV & Fiber Optics
  • Water line Installations
  • Sewer Projects Including On-Grade Installations
  • Tile & Culvert Installations
  • Gas Pipe Installations
  • Cable Plowing
  • Trenching
  • Vacuum Excavation
  • Backhoe Projects

An advantage to using the directional drilling method is the minimal amount of surface disruption. The installation in Figure 1 requires only a small hole next to the shut-off valve to disconnect the old line and connect the new line and the small void in the basement floor which can be patched with a small amount of concrete. This is a clean alternative to digging the entire project with a backhoe. Directional drilling leaves the customer satisfied with the minimal amount of surface restoration.

As the underground utility business continues to evolve, new applications are discovered the possibilities are endless. Most underground applications imaginable can utilize the expertise and methods provided by Cross Country Underground Inc.

Whether you're a municipality, electrician, plumbing contractor or homeowner, at some point in time you will likely be involved in making a decision for installing an underground utility. For all your underground utility installation requirements call Cross Country Underground Inc. for a free consultation and estimate.

There are many unexplored opportunities in the underground utility market. At Cross Country Underground Inc. we welcome any new applications in which our expertise and experience may be utilized to serve the customer.

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